cultivating a positive workplace culture

Communication & Stress-Relief Strategies for

Today’s Professionals

Whether you've just moved into a new role leading a team, are leading and developing an existing team that is struggling, or you want to start creating and leading a team, you may be feeling that it's a bit overwhelming. The journey ahead can feel daunting because you are unsure of where to begin.

Having a healthy, high-performing team is now a competitive advantage in all aspects of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are working towards attracting, engaging, and retaining new employees or creating a positive work culture, your culture and organization are 100% built upon a foundation of trust.

I will collaborate with you and key stakeholders to evaluate your workplace culture and determine a course of action that will undoubtedly improve our identified key metrics. We will develop a common language to use within the organization while building a foundation of trust executing meaningful education that will allow teams to bridge the gap between the business need for results and the human need for connection. Team trainings focus on building out the essentials found in all great teams: trust, respect, clarity, communication, productive conflict, emotional intelligence, commitment, feedback, contribution, accountability, collaboration, innovation and shared-results.

Start your organization on the path from personalized insight to culture change. It is my mission to work with organizations to further improve humans, inside and out of the workplace, benefiting both business and society.


I collaborate with teams to develop effective communication and stress-relief strategies to create a more effective, productive, and POSITIVE workplace. This work is proven to help organizations minimize stress, increase productivity and improve employee health. I specialize in stress level identification, diversity initiative support, and providing personal growth resources through interactive workshop offerings.

My interactive workshops are intended to breakdown personal and professional barriers, generate empowerment and confidence, as well as work to break unconscious gender bias. I can work with individuals, small teams or large groups.

  • Pricing is built upon engagement design; all engagements are custom

No Two Individuals are Alike

Teams are comprised of individuals and no two individuals are the same. When looking at workplace strategies, it is important to understand that the strategy should incorporate mediums that will appeal to all styles. Workshop expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Breathwork

  • Journaling

  • Mindfulness & meditation

  • Intention setting & vision boards

  • Introduction to alternative therapies

What I appreciated the most was how she gauged the audience and hit the right note in connecting with our employees who range from ESL individuals who didn’t graduate high school running manual processes on the floor to office employees who hold master’s degrees. She is engaging and relatable.
— Adria Bagshaw, WH Bagshaw