6-Week Stress Relief Masterclass. Is it right for you?

One of my most recent clients said to me: “I am so glad I didn’t quit. Thank you so much for helping me manage my stress to get through my summer clinical successfully.”

Ask yourself a few things to find out if working with me may be beneficial for you in the long run.

Are you...

- starting a new school or new semester?

- getting married?

- starting a new job?

- looking at a new career?

- having trouble starting over or something new?

Do you need to...

- Learn how to identify stress?

- Get granular with scheduling to manage and prepare to be more proactive vs. reactive?

- Learn individualized stress relief techniques?

- Learn resiliency and mental toughness?

- Have the opportunity to work 1:1 and in a group for accountability and connection building?

- Develop good habits and see transformational results?

Can you invest your time and participate in…

- a 30 min virtual one on one session?

- a 1 hour group virtual session (optional)?

- a private FB group to share and get ideas?

- 3x per week live FB group stress relief activity (optional)?

This program is an amazing value at $125 for the 6-week program.

You will walk away with techniques and resources that will help you be a better you for you and everyone around you.

Be like Lisa, don’t quit.