Creativity leads to stress reduction

I am so in love with the new creative workshop tracks I recently developed in order to discover unconscious gender bias in the workplace, and other stressors that exist which leaders may not see. Leveraging employee creativity can benefit an organization two-fold. It offers a stress relief, as well as can be leveraged to identify hidden feelings, emotions, or tensions that maybe aren't otherwise noticed. 

It is clear that, workplace stress needs to be reduced in order for companies to retain, engage, and attract top talent. As society begins to embark on a journey of diversity, competition, and employee awareness, it is important to stay ahead of these initiatives by hearing your teams' voice in a meaningful way. In order for organizations to really stand out, alternative therapy / stress-relief modalities can be a real game changer as a company paid employee benefit. 

Seth Godin has been quoted saying that radical empathy is necessary in transacting and engaging with your audience. As a leader, as an employer, your audience is the internal and external consumer. Developing, implementing, and improving programs where, as an organization, you prove to your internal audience that you understand and care about them at work and outside is demonstrating radical empathy. Bringing in a stress management consultant, like myself, who has the ability to naturally connect with a wide variety of people is a spot on way to engage your teams. This will also ensure that your initiatives are maintained and fueled to be successful because you are providing a tool for your people to build a solid foundation that will help with them interact, engage, and produce more effectively in all aspects of their lives.

Prove to yourself, your teams, your shareholders that you have radical empathy and success will follow. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about my creative workshops.