Everyone wants to talk about stress... Even scientists!


I had the opportunity to facilitate a workshop with Tufts Launchpad Biolabs in Boston in September.  I had met the office HR Director at an event in Boston and was immediately connected to Sosy, who runs the office that consists of coworking space/labs for biotech startups.  We worked over the last few months to develop a workshop that would be meaningful and “different” from traditional lunch and learns of the past.  Needless to say, we had a lot of fun.  

Often times, employees are scared to share feedback about the environment with leadership or colleagues.  At times they feel like it will reflect poorly or their performance, or they don’t feel safe sharing “feelings” in the workplace.  What is really fun about my workshops?  The connection, collaboration, and the safe environment where people share what they feel and where they struggle to develop relationships and learn best practices. 

A lot of data supports how stress impacts the workplace, but how about we hear from people that actually attended my workshop?  Below has been shared with you, unedited, from my Tufts post-workshop survey.  


What appealed to you about the topic?  Why did you attend?

Largely undiscussed topic. Employee health is very important and even throwing an event like this shows that a company appreciates the individual and not just the work product. 

There is a lot of stress is small companies and it can be hard to cope with.

To be honest I went for the free lunch but this presentation was actually on of my favorite ones Biolabs has offered. I liked that it was applicable to all of us because we all have to deal with stress. Also that it was about personal development not just businesses or career development like other Biolabs presentations. 

I attended because I do feel stressed on a daily basis. I find my task list at work to be overwhelming and it affects my ability to properly prioritize and get them done.

Rate your facilitator:

She did a great Job. Connected to the audience very easily. Made it fun and light.

She was very knowledgeable, well accomplished and easy to relate to. I have never seen that many scientists actually participating in the discussion in one of the Biolab seminars. 

I've attended a stress workshop once before. The instructor was a very nice person, but he opened with about how great and stress free his life is, which was tough to relate to since I was there because I felt the opposite. Crystal on the other hand was very down to earth and REAL. She didn't claim to be stress free, instead she was honest about the stress in her life and simply explained how to handle it.

How would you rate the content?

I liked the interactiveness but wanted to talk about more specific topics in our industry of biotechnology.

It was good in that is was generalized for everyone in the office no matter if you were high up or working under people.

I came out of previous workshops disappointed because they always just preached meditation and yoga. The meditation exercises were tough to practice, and typically were 15 minutes or more. Crystal walked us through breathing exercises that don't have to be more than 2 minutes. So the exercises were actually applicable to someone new to the methods.

Would you refer a friend?

Awareness of one's own stressors and how to avoid them or accept them

As said above, in science, this is a largely ignored concept (Employees health and stress are important and will effect the work). I think more biotech-related companies should do things like this. 

It’s good to learn meditation techniques.

I really liked that the main message was that how we handle stress and other things is all a mindset. 

There’s something for everyone.  As you can see, people WANT to talk about stress in the workplace… they are not given enough time or the right facilitator to figure out where the causes lie.  I can help. Let’s make some magic together and educate your team about Success without the Stress.

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