Holistic Wellness @ Work

I was reached out to by a recruiter for a senior sales enablement position at a local tech company. I replied with, “No thanks but will socialize the position for you.” I assumed this person has direct contact with HR as a recruiter (traditionally this is the aligned workgroup) and mentioned that I am submerged in my own companies and if interested, he could refer me to someone that may be interested in my wellness programs that improve retention, engagement, and attraction of top talent. His reply was, “no interest in those programs.”

My reply back to him was simple,”Bummer. Honestly, if you don’t have an interest in the programs I offer… well I wouldn’t refer anyone to your company.” Now that is the truth. With more and more people wanting to work for themselves and the desire for work/life balance to improve, companies need to better engage their talent as well as offer programs to retain them and attract those with the entrepreneurial spirit.

We need big companies. We need innovation. We need technology. They need us. They need people. They need women, men, mothers, fathers, sisters, veterans, lesbians, etc etc etc to fill these positions and continue to grow and positively impact society and the world. My goal this year is to continue to spread the word about the impact of stress management and offerings that truly help humans from the foundation up bettering functionality at home and at work.

If retention, productivity, engagement, talent attraction, lower healthcare costs, and lesser absenteeism are important to you. Pay attention. I promise stress management will improve all of these metrics, and will probably improve your own personal metrics for life.

Reach out to me if you are interested in hosting a series of stress management workshops for your teams. Would be happy to discuss further.

Crystal Farley