How do you talk about mental health?

Let's be real. I get excited talking about what people think is uncomfortable. I was recently told that I should market myself as a "Happiness Producer" or "Stress Reliever". I am wondering if you rolled your eyes as hard as I did when I heard this. That isn't real life. I am not a producer of happiness or a stress reliever, I provide people with tools and resources to do this for themselves, because truly... you are your own happiness producer and stress reliever.

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People, Trauma, and Stress Discussed: an unfiltered truth is a successful podcast because Heather Jackman and I talk about real-life struggles in a real-life unpolished way. We are not doctors, or licensed clinicians, we are real people with real problems and we discuss all of the feelings and behaviors that go along with this while providing tools and resources to our listeners. This is all fine and good, however I can promise you that the most effective part of our work is that we have created a safe place to talk about things that happen in our lives. We have developed a worldwide and virtual community sharing stories through podcast, simply making it okay.

This leads to my work. I work with organizations, individuals, whoever will listen, to develop and share stress management skills to help people holistically in life. Yes this leads to increased productivity and engagement at work and home, but more importantly, this offers people the opportunity to learn skills from peers and establish a community where it is okay to talk about life in general. The benefit of connection and continuing the conversation is invaluable.

This is a great article highlighting the importance of promoting mental health benefits, and not having a one and done mentality. As an organization, community, or family, creating a safe place for people to feel comfortable living their lives is the most valuable benefit you can offer. Continue the conversation.