I cannot believe that we are half way through August!

Blink - It’s Mid - August

I hope you have taken at least one day this summer for you.  As a mom, solopreneur, and wife, I sometimes feel guilty for taking “me” time.  Sure, I make time for fitness, which is all well and good, but I need more sometimes.  I need time with friends and girlfriends to be me and be reminded that life is about relationships and connections that fuel me.  Selfish is when you do things for yourself intentionally hurting others, self-care is loving yourself so that you can intentionally be the best you for you and those around you.

 Exciting News!

-  I’ve been published.  Check out my latest article on Thrive Global that discusses cultivating sympathetic joy over developing anxiety.

-  I’ve been accredited.  The NH Real Estate Commission has accredited my Success without the Stress course designed specifically for realtors.  Now realtors can receive 1.5 CEUs when my course is taken!  Contact me to learn more.

-  I am an Everything DiSC & 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team partner.   Check out some of my offerings here.  

Looking to take your teams to the next level?  Thinking about something different to offer?  Call me we can figure it out together.

-  DiSC (Communication & Behavior Programs) – to better improve the hiring and onboarding process, as well as improve team performance at all levels.

Corporate Stress Ed (Stress education workshops): Informing teams and educating about stress, offering strategies and techniques for relief, and building community within.

Check out the below newsletter images for the rest of the updates but be sure you don’t miss…

Ms. Emily Aborn (aka one of my most favorite people), Co-Founder of She Built This and Creator of the She Built This podcast, invited me on to talk stress and entrepreneurship. Listen here!

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