Are you changing your environment to appeal to top talent?

The more and more executives and HR professionals I speak with, the more and more I am hearing about the hiring challenges that companies are experiencing in the workplace. I am passionate about the need for large businesses and startups to attract, engage, and retain the right talent to continue growth within their organizations.

I 100% support the entrepreneurial spirit, shit I am an entrepreneur. However, I am fully aware of the need to continue advancements in commerce, trade, technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, etc etc etc. These “things” make the world go round. The economy, world, life, etc couldn’t possibly thrive solely on individual contributors. I do believe though, that companies need to get with the program and improve the work environment for existing and new employees.

How are you changing your environment to reduce stress and allow your teams to thrive? How are you changing your leadership styles to foster a more entrepreneurial spirit? How are you changing the way you work to improve employee behaviors and attract talent in this competitive landscape?

I love working with companies who want to provide the necessary tools and resources to their teams. I get to help teams develop a more sustainable stress management strategy through education, workshops, hands-on learning, and alternative therapies. To see the shift of people’s mindset in the workplace, to see teams thrive and show that they feel appreciated and valued is just a small part of the reward I have with my company.

Would love to work with you and look at your strategies. I think this is a no-brainer, join me in that thought process and let’s change the world every day one person at a time.

Crystal Farley