Late September Back in '63... What a very special time for me...

As I sat down to write my September update, that catchy song started playing in my head… Oh what a night….

We are back to school. Do I have any other mommas out there beyond thrilled that their kiddos are back to school and we can all get back into a routine? I love summer. I love the warmth, the perception of freedom, ice cream, and the beach. I also love a routine, and being able to pee without an audience, and not being a taxi for 90% of the day. It’s called balance and I am glad we are back.

Some really exciting stuff going on for C Far: Beyond the box!

August brought Wiley into my life!

I am now an officially certified Everything DiSC® and 5 Behaviors partner which means… More resources and better offerings. My Everything DiSC® offerings include engagements like: Using Everything DiSC® Workplace to identify, understand, and learn how to diffuse workplace stress and improve overall organizational culture as it applies to your organization; The Guide to Stress-Free Selling; Harnessing the Power of Workplace Conflict; and Leadership and Management Development (yes they are different).

My 5 Behaviors engagements are much more intensive and help teams get to the next level through a variety of exercises that build upon each other: trust, conflict commitment, accountability, and results. Teamwork is the number one competitive differentiator.

In other news… Have you checked out my website lately? Let me know what you think!

September brings transition and excitement to the cause

With Heather galavanting and learning things in London this month, we had to batch record some People, Trauma, and Stress Discussed episodes but will be live from London (and Nashua) soon. We’ve had some hot topics lately to include a first responder. Check out near-Boston cop, Jeff’s podcast here.

As Heidi and I both had our birthdays last month, we also had some great conversations with some women sharing their stories. One of my favorites was with Kristin Hardwick and Emily Aborn as they talked about She Built This. I love local celebs. This doesn’t mean that our other guess: Margery Miller, Meg Staples, and Wendy Bellevue were all really special.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is coming soon! November 19, 2019, New Hampshire will be celebrating in this global initiative. Want to get involved? Email me to learn more or become a sponsor.

Stress-Relief Tip

I published a blog with Thrive Global in August called Developing Joy vs. Cultivating Anxiety. This article talks about taking your power back if you have developed some form of social anxiety. If you practice the following:

Set aside a few uninterrupted minutes a day to imagine something joyful happening for:

  • yourself

  • someone you love

  • someone you know but not well

  • someone you dislike strongly

  • someone that has harmed you

You get to decide, you get to choose, you get to feel joy and release anxiety. Check out the article and try it out. Two words… WORTH IT.

Don’t forget!

  • Success without the Stress is still being offered! Realtors get CEU credits when attending. Reach out to schedule now.

  • As you are thinking about your initiatives for 2020, call me in early as a partner to look at organizational wellness and strategies to be implements. Remember: 18% of your employees are more than likely disengaged. Have you calculated what that means for salary? Hint: 18% of a $40k employee is $7k. I am cheaper, I promise. Don’t go it alone.