Mastering Employee Happiness


Do you remember the Yerkes-Dodson curve (image to the right)? This curve visualizes how stress correlates to performance. I wanted to share an article that I had written and was recently posted on the Mass Technology Leadership Council website.

Just because “Stress Awareness Month” has come to a close, it is important to remember that the stress levels at home and work impact the performance of an individual in many ways. I point out in this article that, yes, there is an optimal amount of good and bad stress that offer a person peak performance. However, there also comes a time where there is too little stress and too much stress that will directly impact productivity, engagement, and retention.

I recommend partnering with your teams to understand if you have a pulse on your team and your team’s stress levels. More often than not, there is a disconnect which can be caused for a variety of factors. I would love to help you with that and help you develop strategies to be more effective in helping your teams find balance.