Reducing workplace stress mindfully

We are experiencing exciting times!  More and more companies have initiatives to better support and encourage diversity, from women to people of color to those in recovery to veterans.  I love this and part of my mission is to ensure that these initiatives are set up for success so that they can be meaningful and ongoing.

Today I talk from my personal experience, as a veteran and a woman.  For those of you that have heard my podcast: People, Trauma, and Stress Discussed: an unfiltered truth, you know that I am a combat veteran and I am an advocate in providing tools and resources for those (military and other) with PTSD or every day stress to be more successful in this life.  My company, C Far: Beyond the Box, has spun off from this to provide workshops within organizations to help employees develop a solid stress management foundation, because life happens inside and outside of work. 

I was sent an article from a chiropractor friend of mine recently, it is awesome.  The article talks about meditation and mindfulness as it relates to PTSD, depression, anxiety, and IBS.  I started my mindfulness practice driving to the gym in the mornings.  I would turn my radio off and state out loud what I saw as I was driving.  I now meditate more often, and even fell in love with Bikram yoga which is truly 90 minutes of meditation for me.

I now offer meditation classes to those in recovery for the Phoenix, helping those in recovery develop a sustainable practice of meditation.  I also host this class for those that work in corrections in Lowell, MA as it is open to both communities.  Meditation classes are al a carte offerings I share with companies that are more progressive and want to layer in tools and resources for employees to learn self-care.

Again... reality is that stress happens. Regardless of severity, we all deal with challenging times in life at one point or another.  As a leader in your company, it is important that you realize this and empower your teams to take care of themselves.  Care for your people and I promise that they will care for you.