Stress is stress, we all experience it in different ways

Stress is stress, we all experience it in different ways.  


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My podcast, People. Trauma. Stress. Discussed: an unfiltered truth, has already earned nearly 14,000 listens after being produced starting in November.  Considering the small amount of the population that actually listens to podcasts, this is pretty impressive.  The reason why Heather Jackman and I co-created this podcast was because at the time there were only about 30 podcasts that came up when we searched “PTSD,” they were predominantly male, and majority were clinical.  Needless to say, they didn’t seem authentic or real.


Heather and I were both diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for different reasons, AND we were both misdiagnosed for MANY years until we met licensed professional that evaluated us against the criteria for PTSDand determined us to meet said criteria. Sure, when Vietnam vets were coming home and they weren’t acting quite right, military personnel started leading the charge with PTSD awareness in society.  Truth is though, the stigma that only military personnel can have PTSD is quite wrong.  Heather wasn’t in the military; she witnessed her mother and siblings get killed in an automobile accident at the age of 13.  


Heather and I strive, week after week, to end the stigma around PTSD.  We provide a safe environment for people to be “okay” with talking about their stressors and feel “normal” that they too are sometimes hindered by the events in life that can leave them paralyzed.  We are open about our experiences, we share about how stress impacts our lives and influences relationships, as well as offer creative ways to cope because traditional therapy is not always enough.


I encourage you to have a listen.  For those of you that know people who suffer from PTSD, or have experienced major life changes that have changed you for better or worse, we hope you learn something from us, even if it is that taking 20-25 minutes to listen to a podcast is self-care.  We want you to know that life changing events can alter your perspective, change your behaviors, and aren’t always positive… and that is okay.  It is how you live in the moment that really matters most.




Crystal Farley