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Everyone wants to talk about stress... Even scientists!

“As a manager at a coworking space for biotech start-ups, I witness a lot of scientists, engineers, and CEO’s undergoing serious stress. Be it the graduate students trying to balance school, experiments, and being a CEO or the senior scientists who are stuck in the lab but need to catch the train to pick up their kids – we see ALL the stress. Crystal’s workshop on managing workplace stress was exactly the medicine our facility needed! Her workshop was the highest attended event we’ve had in months. Our scientists are used to sitting through seminars and PowerPoint presentations. Crystal instead is a storyteller, and engaged us with thought provoking discussions and exercises. The exercises and methods of meditation that she taught us were actually realistic and unintimidating to practice on our own. Crystal was very knowledgeable, engaging, and approachable, and brought a magnetic energy that left everyone feeling refreshed and much happier than when the workshop started. We will definitely be asking Crystal to come back!”

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