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Everyone wants to talk about stress... Even scientists!

“As a manager at a coworking space for biotech start-ups, I witness a lot of scientists, engineers, and CEO’s undergoing serious stress. Be it the graduate students trying to balance school, experiments, and being a CEO or the senior scientists who are stuck in the lab but need to catch the train to pick up their kids – we see ALL the stress. Crystal’s workshop on managing workplace stress was exactly the medicine our facility needed! Her workshop was the highest attended event we’ve had in months. Our scientists are used to sitting through seminars and PowerPoint presentations. Crystal instead is a storyteller, and engaged us with thought provoking discussions and exercises. The exercises and methods of meditation that she taught us were actually realistic and unintimidating to practice on our own. Crystal was very knowledgeable, engaging, and approachable, and brought a magnetic energy that left everyone feeling refreshed and much happier than when the workshop started. We will definitely be asking Crystal to come back!”

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Why do I help companies create a more positive culture?

“Why do I help foster effective communication & stress-relief strategies with workplaces?” I am asked often why I chose my profession, or how I got into this work. That quote you read above, “You facilitate the space for others to name and describe something that for most is ineffable,” that is why. When Heather and I decided to launch the podcast People, Trauma, and Stress Discussed: an unfiltered truth in 2018, it was a no-brainer. We want to make the conversation around trauma, stress, and the reality of life “okay”. We want people to feel safe in sharing their stories, we want people to know that they are not alone, and I specifically don’t want anyone to feel “defined” by the trauma or stress that has been experienced.

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Late September Back in '63... What a very special time for me...

As I sat down to write my September update, that catchy song started playing in my head… Oh what a night….

We are back to school. Do I have any other mommas out there beyond thrilled that their kiddos are back to school and we can all get back into a routine? I love summer. I love the warmth, the perception of freedom, ice cream, and the beach. I also love a routine, and being able to pee without an audience, and not being a taxi for 90% of the day. It’s called balance and I am glad we are back.

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I cannot believe that we are half way through August!

I hope you have taken at least one day this summer for you.  As a mom, solopreneur, and wife, I sometimes feel guilty for taking “me” time.  Sure, I make time for fitness, which is all well and good, but I need more sometimes.  I need time with friends and girlfriends to be me and be reminded that life is about relationships and connections that fuel me.  Selfish is when you do things for yourself intentionally hurting others, self-care is loving yourself so that you can intentionally be the best you for you and those around you.

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6-Week Stress Relief Masterclass. Is it right for you?

One of my most recent clients said to me: “I am so glad I didn’t quit. Thank you so much for helping me manage my stress to get through my summer clinical successfully.”

Ask yourself a few things to find out if working with me may be beneficial for you in the long run.

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How do you talk about mental health?

Let's be real. I get excited talking about what people think is uncomfortable. I was recently told that I should market myself as a "Happiness Producer" or "Stress Reliever". I am wondering if you rolled your eyes as hard as I did when I heard this. That isn't real life. I am not a producer of happiness or a stress reliever, I provide people with tools and resources to do this for themselves, because truly... you are your own happiness producer and stress reliever.

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Mastering Employee Happiness

Just because “Stress Awareness Month” has come to a close, it is important to remember that the stress levels at home and work impact the performance of an individual in many ways. I point out in this article that, yes, there is an optimal amount of good and bad stress that offer a person peak performance. However, there also comes a time where there is too little stress and too much stress that will directly impact productivity, engagement, and retention.

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