The first step doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be the first of many

Taking the first step is just that.  It is not final, it is the beginning of many steps.

Several weeks ago, I was at a coffee shop meeting with a web designer.  My prediction to Lisa was that Facebook will phase out and there will be something new.  I looked to my left and there was a man with a white Snowball microphone and his laptop. I started a conversation with him about podcasts because I co-host PTSD, love my Snowball mic, and always love to learn new things… well, and I LOVE talking to people.  I am a super connector, let’s be real.  Long story short, he told me about Twitch.  Twitch is a streaming platform for most gamers, but you can find ALL sorts of things there.

It isn’t overly well known but it is super cool, and I have launched my own live cooking show… could it help the phaseout of Facebook? Who knows? Could it be the next big thing? Maybe? I don’t really care, I want to try it anyway!

For me, cooking is my joy and mindful activity.  I LOVE TO COOK, and I love to focus on what I am making; not thinking about all of the other tasks I need to accomplish.  I adore how it makes people feel to eat a good meal and I love the recognition that I did a good job.  Eating is such an intimate thing if you want it to be and if you make it about pleasing others.  I’ve decided to go “live” on Twitch whenever I am in the kitchen cooking.

Mindful Monday, Try it out Tuesday, Wednesday Wisdom… etc etc.  I am recording and streaming my flow in the kitchen and what is on my mind for the day, as well as sharing mindfulness tips, nutrition information, and not being perfect.  Perfection isn’t real, but I am.  You can check it out live on Twitch or on my YouTubechannel.

My old colleague and I joked that we would bring the flip phone back, but it would project a hologram that would be the “smart” aspect of the phone because we cannot live without connection and we essentially want to automate all things in life.  I am sure that phone will arrive in our lives at some point, however, I am choosing an easier path to change the world one person at a time.  Listening and then talking to people is my secret.  Sharing the mindfulness of cooking and stress management tips… hey it’s fun for me and maybe it will help at least one person know that nothing is perfect… I am not, recipes are not, life is not.

Is my business being launched perfectly? Nah. Am I perfect? Hell nah. Is it awesome that I took the first step?  YES. Am I passionate about giving to others?  HELL YES. Will I be successful? HEEEELLLLLLL YES… it’s not always about the money, sometimes it’s about the impact.

Just take the first step, it doesn’t need to be perfect… YOU don’t need to be perfect… DO IT ANYWAY.

Crystal Farley