my story

I remember feeling really insecure about my ex-husband's new relationship post-divorce and was constantly comparing myself and (of course) finding fault with her.  I can remember times at work when I was scared to speak up for fear of what the others would say about me or wondered if they would think my ideas were not good enough.⠀
I remember my first credible (or worth remembering) therapist asked me once why I judged people.  I realized that I judged mostly because I was jealous or envious that people had a certain confidence, that they spoke up, that they had good ideas.  I realized that I wanted to be more like the people that I was judging.⠀
Then I stopped giving a sh*t.  I began practicing the discomfort of putting myself out there in meetings, at bars, with friends.  Over some time, this whole living life in a judge-free zone has become easier.  I decided if I don't want to be judged, then I won't judge.  I slip up, I catch myself, but overall I live an honest life with integrity and strong values. ⠀
Be who you want to be, not the person that you are creating stories about in your head.  People aren't judging you, they want to be you.




Welcome to a safe place for those who are trying to navigate their way through this crazy thing called “life”.

Crystal is Chief Story Teller / co-creator of PTSD: People, Trauma, and Stress Discussed: an unfiltered truth, a successful podcast (2018) and co-host of the She Built This Podcast with Emily Aborn. As a combat vet and woman from technology, working in leadership capacity for Apple, HPE, IBM, she serves organizations with her company C Far Beyond the Box: providing effective communication and stress-relief strategies, supporting women in the workplace initiatives, and personal growth programs to improve workplace culture.

Crystal does not believe people or organizations should be defined by their life stressors, past and present, and hopes to offer advocacy, empowerment, and confidence in order to reach maximum potential. She is the voice of change, a cheerleader for the underdog, and speaker about all things that are the elephant in the room. Her unique life experiences have been gifts as they have given her the ability to connect with a vast audience.

I am Uniquely Qualified to Help

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Social scientist (B.S. Social Science); certified stress management coach; trauma competency qualified; DiSC and 5 Behaviors Wiley Partner.

Combat veteran having served in the Air Force Reserve and a tour in Afghanistan.

Professional experience includes Apple, Ameriprise, IBM, and HPE.

Developed women’s empowerment programs for global software companies.

Volunteer at the Phoenix (substance use recovery); Board Member for the Youth Council of Nashua.

Speaker at national conferences, to include the Grace Hopper Celebration, on the topic of women’s initiatives in the workplace.

Chief Story Teller / Co-Creator of the PTSD: People, Trauma, and Stress Discussed and co-host of the She Built This podcasts.

Other life experience includes: mother to a beautiful daughter, sister to members of the LBGTQ+ community, daughter of a woman in recovery, divorcee, wife, and fitness fanatic.