Personal Growth& Branding

One of my greatest desires is to serve and empower those looking to make a difference in this world.  I offer personal growth workshops to groups or inidivudals based upon stress and overcoming life’s stressors.

My involvement in women’s advocacy and launch of two successful podcasts that are based upon storytelling, has allowed me to craft programs and workshops about creating, sharing, and broadcasting stories through different media platforms to include social media, podcasting, YouTube etc.

I do serve 1:1 clients to help manage stress and set goals through challenging times in their lives. You can reach out or refer to my Second Chance Accountability program for more details. Please contact me to see if I have any current openings.

Here are some of my more frequent workshops. Check my Events page for upcoming workshops. I can also create a custom program. Just send me a note and ….

Mind Your Stress

Real-time tips & tricks to relieve stress in the moment!

Join me in this interactive workshop where we will:

  • Learn about stress textbook and definition style

  • Identify stressors in life

  • Talk about practical ways to cope with stress

  • Practice breath work and meditation in order to relieve stress

  • Uncover specific stress relief techniques for real-life experiences based upon audience needs

“It felt like we mediated for 10 hours the next morning after your workshop.”

~iUGO workshop attendee

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Podcasting 101

Join me for an introduction to storytelling and broadcasting.

Are you looking for ways to craft a compelling personal story? Have you thought about social media marketing but don’t know where to begin? Are you nervous at the thought of showing your face on YouTube? Does the thought of a podcast scare the shit out of you?

Join me for a day of crafting compelling stories and learning how to take the first steps with sharing them through social media and beyond. 

Stress, Strength, and Savasana

90-minute stress management and alternative therapy workshop coupled with a yoga session.

Discuss stress and the impacts on life and the body.

Find strength through community, coping, and alternative forms of healing.

Quiet our minds with Bikram Yoga and a savasana to close the day.

Journaling, Mindfulness and Meditation

Craft workshops with varied intensities of meditation that provide a little something for everyone.  This is a great one to do in the afternoon or before a big meeting where collaboration would be a great attribute. 


Success without the Stress

Work with organizations to create custom workshops to present to a group that you are looking to appreciate, partner with, or develop a better relationship with. For example, mortgage loan originators host me for this sort of engagement with realtors, insurance agents, title companies, etc.

Intention Setting and Vision Boards

Leveraging meditation, positive self-talk, and visualization I can work with groups to identify what their intentions are for their home and work life.  Sharing in the creation of vision boards and using positive self-talk allows people to step in the right direction and better achieve desires.


As a certified reiki massage therapist, I practice Usui and Holy Fire reiki.  Both of which have been developed to heal illness and other conditions.  I can provide tranquil group experiences to promote and offer energy healing and relaxation to help clear, focus, and heal a person’s mind, body, and soul.

Custom Program

There is nothing cookie cutter about the types of workshops and packages that I offer because every situation is unique and packages will vary based on the needs of the organization.  Reach out to me to discuss how we can identify what workshops would suit your teams.