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I’m Heather, a woman fueled by compassion, curiosity and a desire to fill this world with love. 

I was born and raised in Utah before moving to California when I was 13. After graduating high school I spent about two years attending Arizona State University before quitting school to work full time. I eventually moved to New Hampshire in 2015 and absolutely love it. In Spring 2018 I decided to go back to school full time and am expecting to be finished with my degree in 2020. I also work part time at a restaurant to help me get through college. Outside of school, work and podcasting, I am an amateur baker, struggling quilt maker and CrossFit convert. I’m an avid reader when I have any spare time and a true lover of all types of music.


Hi! I’m Crystal. I am a mother to a beautiful daughter and a four-legged furry friend named Marley. I am a wife to an incredible husband.

I am a lover of fitness to include, yes, Crossfit and running and yoga and and and. I am a friend to many, best friend to few, a daughter, a sister, and an advocate for the underdog. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and I am a combat veteran. I was put on the planet to serve and I believe strongly in the fact that we as humans are built for purpose and for progress. My goal in life is to be one of those people who are just light and to help people make the most of second chances.  As for the technical stuff, if you want to hear about my resume…

  • I hold my Bachelors in Social Science and I am a Certified Trauma Professional

  • I am on the board of the Youth Council in Nashua NH and volunteer for the Phoenix organization

  • I publicly speak and advocate for women in technology

  • I am a woman of tech having worked as a VP of Customer Experience for a start up called Tacit Corporation and on worldwide teams for companies like Apple, IBM, and HPE

I am looking forward to sharing with you, embracing vulnerability, and hearing your stories. Thanks for listening and thanks for getting to know me.

Together we are working towards creating an awareness around trauma, stress, and life in general.  We are empowering those who have endured trying experiences.  We hope eventually people will embrace the suffering, understand that these experiences have created an incredible human, and to move forward a better person because of them.


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We love you.  You are worth it.