Workplace solutions

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the annual cost of depression and anxiety in the workplace is $1 trillion per year globally. By contrast, the WHO emphasizes that workplaces that proactively promote mental health and support people with mental disorders have lower rates of absenteeism, increased productivity, and benefit from other economic gains.


Stress Level Identification Workshop

“Don’t be defined by your stress”

Detection of stress patterns through a variety of assessments. Examples of and discussion around the fundamentals of coping.

Introducing methodologies that help manage stress that include:

  • Diaries/Journals

  • Alternative therapies

  • Interactive sessions that help individuals physically ”let go” of past experiences and identify strategies to decrease stress and improve happiness and productivity


Women in the Workplace (for men and women)

“Empowerment is getting the mindset to go after it, and confidence is the power to stay”:

Breaking down barriers by identifying influences and behaviors that have molded women into who they are today.

Empowerment and Confidence

Formulate a story; learning to tell new stories--future matters more than past. Share life experiences. Embrace vulnerability in order to be seen, heard, and validated.

Breaking unconscious gender bias

Identify societal influences on male dominated organization culture. Create: visual tools to tell the male side of the culture how women feel. Share: findings with male leaders to determine action plans to change the culture.


Second Chance Accountability System

“Reassess. Redevelop. Redefine. Reach.”

4 - 6 week program designed to:

  • Reassess – Identify and work to overcome significant life changes that have become obstacles in moving forward in life

  • Redevelop – Leverage alternative therapies for current day self-recognition and evolution to better understand the present and future

  • Redefine – Through brainstorming and white-boarding, revisit past and present with an eye on the future to establish a legacy

  • Reach – Develop effective, tangible, and realistic strategies to overcome obstacles in order to leave a legacy and have a second chance

* This program is also offered to individuals and can be customized as necessary.


Because every situation is unique and packages will vary based on the needs of the organization.  Reach out to me to discuss how we can identify what workshops would suit your teams.